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Mr. Ahmet Safa Oral                                                                                                                       

İrfaniye Sok No:14 D:2

Yesilkoy / ISTANBUL




Dear Sir;


I have been improving my skills to be a Biomedical Engineer and a Field Engineer since i get in university for 4 years with internships. Besides rally people or horizon projects as a facilitator. Also have enough knowledge of legislations, supported by intermediate English and too many training periods. 

Passed through in an intensivelty training period by making interships at different companies as it were Philips Healtcare, Acıbadem Healty Group Hospitals, Vestel High-End Manisa, Diamond Of İstanbul. Used to work strictly due to deadline, I am qualified specially to engineering skills because i choose my way to that direction 4 years ago. I’m looking for Works associated with field engineering jobs.


My References

İsmail Alyurt                          


Hattat İnşaat – Dİamond Of İstanbul – Electric Project Group Chief

Tel : 05347061081



Ergün TOLU                          


TÜRK PHILIPS AŞ – Field Service Engineer

Tel : 05327948746




Kevser Toktan                          


TÜRK PHILIPS AŞ – Quality Executive

Tel : 02166361534



Aydın UŞAK                     


TÜRK PHILIPS AŞ – Field Service Engineer

Tel : 05333019613




Muhammet Kürşat Sarıkaya                          


Vestel Manisa – Design Group Architect

Tel : 02362130660



Ziya Cengiz                          


Acıbadem Healthy Group – Maslak Hospital – Biomedical Representative

Tel : 05323014760




Mustafa Eren                          


Acıbadem Healthy Group – International Hospital – Biomedical Representative

Tel : 05054600902



Sarper Kaya                          


Acıbadem Healthy Group – Biomedical Systems Representative

Tel : 05325209516






Siemens Healthcare

Product Support Manager






 Siemens Healthcare

 Product Support Manager






I have been informed regarding the vacancy through LinkedIN, Kariyer.net, Secretcv, Elemanonline, Mosnter.com.

I hope you find my education and experience worthwhile as a possible candidate for  the announced position. If there is any further information required by you in review of this request, please contact me at your earliest convenience to talk further this exciting opportunity at (538)-2452254

Thank you for your kind consideration.



Ahmet ORAL




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